Video: How I Bolus REAL FOOD Through a Feeding Tube

Although I’ve largely abandoned updating this blog in recent years, I still check in on it periodically and am amazed that people still visit. Seeking information, readers from all around the world find themselves at our humble little blog.

How do I start the blenderized diet? What are the early signs of cerebral palsy? What is the prognosis for a 28-weeker preemie? What are special needs-friendly toys? What does it mean if my preemie failed both NICU hearing tests? What’s the best pediatric wheelchair? What is g-tube surgery like? 

I’m sure none of us expected to one day be asking these questions. But here we are. I hope that readers are able to find the answers they seek. I keep this blog alive and still update periodically because years ago, I, too, once desperately searched for answers and depended heavily upon the stories of other families to guide me through the uncharted territory of parenting in the special needs world. I have a duty to pay it forward.

In that vein, I’ve created a video. This is for the many readers who come across our blog because they’re seeking information about how to bolus real food through a feeding tube. There are actually a few ways to do this. Here is how I do it.

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