Long time, no see!

Hello, dear readers! Over a year and a half has passed since our last update. There are three primary reasons for this:

Reason 1) My work schedule has become more demanding.
Reason 2) I had another baby. Mikey is now almost eleven months old!

From L to R: Jane (age 2), Mikey (11 months), Andrew (age 4), Eleanor (age 4)

From L to R: Jane (age 2), Mikey (11 months), Andrew (age 4), Eleanor (age 4)

Reason 3) I now realize that I blogged as much as I did in Andrew’s earlier years as a means to cope and process. By sharing news with family and friends and connecting with other special needs parents online, blogging allowed me to document and process the overwhelming fears and grief I was experiencing at the time.

I am happy to share, however, that Andrew has been physically very stable since our last update. His overall temperament has chilled out considerably as well. In fact, he is probably the happiest of our four children. Amazing.

The grief and fear areĀ still there but the rawness has dulled. Our days have become quiet, predictable, and pleasant. As a family, it appears we have tentatively arrived at a peaceful acceptance of our unique circumstances. What a relief.

Going forth, I hope to revive our little blog with more frequent updates. There is so much about our journey I’d like to still share with you.

Andrew and Eleanor turn four!

Andrew and Eleanor turn four!

photo (8)

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4 Responses to Long time, no see!

  1. Kim Manning says:

    You are such a rockstar–I stand in awe of your incredible vivacity and supermom powers. Thanks for the update and for being there when I’ve needed an ear. You and your brood are beautiful; let’s make plans of Xmas break!!!!

  2. Josh Helman says:

    God bless you. Beautiful family!

  3. Jenny Han says:

    Keep’em coming! Can’t wait to see you very soon. Giant hugs to the rugrats.

  4. Anna Dell'Olio says:

    Congratulations on your new baby. Mikey is absolutely adorable. You look great and blessings to you and your family.
    Anna Dell’Olio- still subbing at Stuy when I get a chance.

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