Laughter and Swimming

As Eleanor laughs her little heart out day and night, we’ve often wondered what Andrew’s laughters would sound like. Andrew smiles and coos like it’s nobody’s business to convey his ever growing happiness, but we’ve never heard him laugh. Until this week, that is. After fourteen months, we finally heard it. Since then, we’ve been trying to elicit laughter again but have not had any luck. It’s a magical moment for any parent to hear their child’s first laugh. But when you’re a special needs parent, such milestones are especially cherished as milestones become “inchstones”. It’s the small things.

This week, Andrew also went for his first swim in a swimming pool! And he LOVED it. It was also a great time to try out his new WaterWayBabies flotation device that we ordered after seeing it on a couple of special needs blogs. This product is awesome. It provides great head support for Andrew and allows the rest of his body to be free to move in a way that Andrew is unable to do as well out of the water. And unlike most other products for special needs kids, it’s extremely affordable. We also ordered the accompanying green pool so that Andrew can do water therapy at home, too.

Andrew's smile of approval

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9 Responses to Laughter and Swimming

  1. Alison says:

    That laugh was beautiful!! I can clearly remember Ashlea’s first laugh too – what a precious moment.

  2. Esther Lee says:

    yay Andrew!!

  3. says:

    i wanna make both of them laugh, too! warms my heart.

  4. Angela says:

    i could watch these videos a million times!! so adorable. yay andrew!!!!


  5. says:

    definitely had me smiling and laughing too.

  6. Michelle says:

    I’m crying here while watching Andrew’s laugh on repeat. =)

  7. A says:

    Love little Andrew’s laugh. Definitely hear you on the “inchstones.” My daughter is more neuro-typical than my son, and it’s not easy to watch the disparities in achievements.

  8. A says:

    How are Andrew and Eleanor? Hope everything is well.

  9. erin says:

    when i first read this post it was through email, so i couldn’t see the picture or videos. now i’m on the actual site and i watched the laughing video for the first time and i’m with michelle, i’ve got tears streaming down my face. he is so so precious. love you all.

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