Quick Medical Update

  • Andrew had an ophthalmology appointment last week to monitor his now resolved grade 2-3 ROP, which has left scarring. At this point, he does not need glasses! We do not have to follow up with optho for another six months.
  • Andrew had a surgery follow-up appointment to check out his abdominal wound scar. There has always been a question of whether or not he would need hernia surgery. We had been certain for a while that he would need one before his first birthday. Great news: no surgery in the near future! He will continue to be followed by surgery every six months. Just because he does not need surgery now does not mean he won’t need it when he is, say, five. Otherwise, the surgeon and I marveled at how well the wound had healed. I really do wish I had taken a picture of it at its worst. It was very large and open, covered only by a biosynthetic mesh (super cool stuff, by the way).
  • Andrew has finally been approved for hearing aids. This was a frustratingly slow process. We found out he failed his NICU hearing screenings on October 22. He had more extensive testing early November. We submitted paperwork for hearing aids within two days of his testing. It is now February 10 and we are just now scheduling his hearing aid appointments. And I am positive it would have taken longer if we hadn’t harassed multiple people by telephone over the course of three months.
  • I forgot to mention that at one point a couple weeks ago, Andrew was hospitalized for two more nights in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit to see if his EEG had improved at all on the post-ACTH/prednisolone taper. The good news is that there is still no sign of hypsarrythmia. The bad news is that the EEG looks a little bit worse than it did before. But the other piece of good news is that because Andrew has been clinically doing so well, the doctors aren’t overly concerned.
  • All in all, things seem to be calming down.

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    2 Responses to Quick Medical Update

    1. msjhan@gmail.com says:

      all in all, such great news! what a little sweetheart, and i’m sure little miss el can’t wait to start playing with her lil bro. thanks for the update!!

    2. Harold says:

      Been following along to keep up with the story on your early birdies, and I’m so happy to hear that Andrew is turning the corner. Y’all are an inspiration. Love and Prayers to you guys!

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