A mom’s big oops

If you can recall,  Andrew developed a milk allergy shortly after his NICU discharge in October. As a result, Andrew was put on a soy-based formula, Elecare, while Eleanor stuck with breast milk and Neosure Preemie Formula. To differentiate between bottles for Eleanor and Andrew, we had been using a color coordinated system: yellow and green bottles for Andrew; pink, purple, blue bottles for Eleanor.

Things were a little crazy in our household on Thursday morning. And I (mom) gave Andrew Eleanor’s bottle by mistake. He had about an ounce and a half before I caught it. Almost immediately, Andrew’s breathing became erratic and raspy, his body ballooned up and turned red, his lips became disconcertingly swollen with a tinge of blue, and his cries were weak and garbled.

I threw him in the car (in retrospect, should I have called 9-1-1?), where he vomited on the way to the ER. Dad (who conveniently works at the same hospital), met us and ran Andrew into the ER.

Long story, short: Andrew is fine now after some benadryl and more steroids. He could have been discharged that evening but due to his medical history, they decided to keep him overnight (something which will probably always be the case from now on–bummer). We were then sent home the next morning with a prescription for an epi-pen.

We now know, though, that Andrew’s milk allergy has evolved into a much more severe case than we had originally thought.

Since then–and no longer relying on the color coordinated bottle system–we’ve switched to different bottles entirely for Andrew.

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1 Response to A mom’s big oops

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow Jenn! You have color-coded systems? You are a rockstar!
    Ben has an epipen jr too. No ice-cream for our boys… but there is always toffuti!

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