Andrew’s wounds

Remember when due to poor nutritional status, Andrew’s body lacked the proper healing mechanisms, so he  literally cried his guts out after his second exploratory surgery? And then he ended up with a huge gaping hole in his stomach and had to go back into the operating room to cover it all up with a biosynthetic abdominal mesh to aid in the healing process?

We are happy to announce that his wound is now completely closed and healed. Sooner than we had anticipated, the whole ordeal took about two months. I wish I had a before and after picture to post. I could probably do the after picture (a large and unsightly scar) but I guess the before picture isn’t the kind of picture a parent thinks to take.

In other big surgery news, Andrew’s gastrostomy tube was also pulled this week. The g-tube was put in during his second exploratory surgery as a precautionary measure in case he developed more severe feeding issues later. Fortunately, it was only used for about a week. It only took about a day or two for the g-tube hole in his abdomen to close up.

Andrew will continue to be followed by surgery. There is a very good chance he may have to go back into the operating room for another  (fourth) abdominal surgery before his first birthday due to a large hernia at the wound site.

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2 Responses to Andrew’s wounds

  1. Matthew Harness says:

    good news. no army ever won a war without first winning the small battles.

    godspeed andy. we are all pulling for you.

    uncle matt

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for your ultra-sweet comment on my blog. You made my day. 🙂

    Congratulations on your beautiful twins and their homecoming. And congrats on Andrew’s g-tube removal. Amazing accomplishments to be sure! I’m adding you to my blog list too so I can keep up to date on your amazing kiddos. They sure are cute!

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